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Amador Trade Catalogs

NMSU Library Archives Amador Trade Catalogs The Amador Trade Catalogs are wholesale and retail merchandise catalogs, brochures, announcements, and leaflets that arrived at the RGHC with the Amador Family papers (Ms 4). The catalogs come from the Amador's mercantile business in Las Cruces, and range in date from 1873-1942, with the majority dating from the 1880-1905. The catalogs came from companies located across the United States as well as in foreign countries such as Mexico, Canada, England and France. The majority of catalogs come from major U.S. cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph, New York City, Denver, El Paso, San Francisco, and Albuquerque. The merchandise in the catalogs ranges from general goods to specialty items. The collection contains some Spanish language catalogs, however, the majority are in English.

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